Asphalt Penetration 60/70

PT Jaya Trade Indonesia is one of the largest asphalt distributor in Indonesia and has 14 bulk asphalt terminal (TAC) scattered throughout Indonesia. To meet the needs of national asphalt and easy delivery to customer, we have 3 packaging 60/70 penetration bitumen, i.e : 


1.  Bulk Asphalt

Bulk Asphalt is a refinery which produces fuel oil, asphalt and other products. Guarantee the availability of asphalt, the quality is maintained and the accuracy of quantity  as well as timeliness of delivery a mainstay PT Jaya Trade Indonesia ini maintaining customers' satisfaction.

Benefits :

  • Sent in truck capasity 15 – 20 MT
  • Does not require additional heating process, because the asphalt is made from our terminal  sent with temperature  ± 100oC
  • Save on heating costs and handling



2. Asphalt Drum

Business Sector's Asphalt Drum trade the drum asphalt in packaging 155 kg of processed production Pertamina in Cilacap and Gresik.

Benefits :

  • Can be stored for long periods
  • Consistent quality
  • Easily shipped to remote areas




3. Asphalt Bag

        Asphalt Bag Products is the latest product of PT Jaya Trade Indonesia in early 2008. This Asphalt bag is packed with packing bags of 25 kg that can instantly dissolveshomogen When the bag along with the asphalt is processed in Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP). Asphalt bag packaging is done through the facilities of the factory occupies an area of + 2.000 m2 located in Cirebon and equipped with adequte  equipment. For Jaya Trade Business Unit in Asphalt Bag marketing can be contacted at : Asphalt Bag marketing Unit. This unit serves the needs of Asphalt Bag and operates to the marketing area of DKI, West Java, and Banten.


  • Can be stored for long periods
  • Consistent quality
  • Easily shipped to remote areas
  • Easy handling
  • For Black Bag made of materials that can be additive with asphalt (softening point increase), so that the bag packaging can be directly processed  





Location & Contact Person


1. Banda Aceh
 :   Hannimi  (+628126422246)
2. Bandar Lampung  :  Suprastiyo (+6281272221333)
3. Bangka - Belinyu
 :  Abdul Effendi   (+6282182656826)
 :  Dasma Hutasoit (+628129186601)
5.  Flores - Ende  :  My Doni Musdi (+6281238102964)
6. Jakarta  :  Dasma Hutasoit (+628129186601)
7. Jambi  :  Lukman Alwi (+6281360982764)
8. Kupang  :  Silvia Raturandang (+6281340178019)
9. Lombok  :  Boston L. Tobing (+62818300312)
10 Manado  :  Sophia Pontoh (+62811433715)
11. Medan  :  Wasito Singgih Karnadi (+62816733351)
12. Pulang Pisau  :  R. Ika Fitriana (+628129571357)
Riau - Perawang  :   Wasito Singgih Karnadi (+62816733351)
14. Sampit - Kumai  :  Trijoko (+628125893492)
15. Surabaya  :  James Stephen Villanueva (+6281286562067)