PT Jaya Trade Indonesia's Excellence


Since it was founded until now PT Jaya Trade Indonesia has proved to be great for the development of Indonesia through the works of its business units, i.e, supplying asphalt for major roads throughout Indonesia, as well as the construction of a runway at Kualanamu Airport (Medan-North Sumatra).


Installation of gas in various public buildings in Jakarta such as Mall Artha Gading, Pondok Indah Mall, and several other industrial companies. PT Jaya Trade Indonesia also took part in the successful implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) by supplying gas well on PON XVI (Palembang) and PON XVIII (Riau).


The success of PT Jaya Trade Indonesia, especially in the field of trade Asphalt, Gas as well as the “Sole Agent” of the product Handling Equipment and Heavy Equipment can not be separated from enterprise management systems are resilient and always doing continuous improvement over time. In general, the field of business handled by the subsidiaries of PT Jaya Trade Indonesia is a trading and distribution which can be grouped in three main products, namely Asphalt, Gas and heavy equipment.



we have more than 40 years in the trade industry, It has subsidiary companies scattered in almost all parts of Indonesia, so it is easier to distribute products to consumers PT Jaya Trade Indonesia.

We are committed to always uphold and implement our company values, embodied in Integrity, Justice, Commitment, Achievement Orientation, Intrapreneurship.

Provide career opportunities for all young people in the archipelago to join and become part of the achievement of PT Jaya Trade Indonesia and contribute to the construction and development of the regions in the archipelago.

The company always provides opportunity to improve the competence of all employees through training and learning programs, providing challenging tasks so that each individual employee will be motivated to develop themselves, putting out ideas, creativity and innovation.